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All is full of material, all is full of color, all is full of light…

My name is Fanny Desombiaux, I am a Glass Designer. I created GlassandArt by F in my workshop located in Chatou, France, a city well known for its impressionist heritage (Auguste Renoir used to do a lot of his artwork there). This environment triggers my emotions and allows my creativity to flow. I chose to focus on glass since it is a meeting ground for material, color, and light.

I put all of my knowledge and techniques into manufacturing decorative objects, from pictures to furniture: tables, credenza, partitions, boards, everything is tailor-made according to your interior desires or architectural project. My creations have a special feature: they change according to light and how someone stares at it. They allow someone to see an infinity of sceneries. My desire is that you could find a mirror of your inner self within it. A dimension in which you could let yourself go into contemplating, dreaming, and pure emotion.

Each GlassAndArt by F creation will enlighten your interior, bringing a dreamy atmosphere to it, filling yourself up with light and energy.



Discover my creations

GlassAndArt by F exceptional creations can be declined into various pieces of art or functional objects, such as, paintings, tables, boards, floor surfaces, stairs, credenzas… the only limit is imagination!

Discover my creations




Each creation has been manufactured with mixed materials inserted into laminated glass. Colors vary slightly according to the light of the room and its exposure to the art. 

GlassAndArt by F creations provide original possibilities in order to decorate your interior. Fanny Desombiaux’s unique technique of mixing materials will enlighten your interior, and manufacture a piece of art specially for your needs.

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