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Fanny Desombiaux
06 76 64 70 37
58 rue du général Leclerc
78400 Chatou

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Site web - Clara Vinh - Ari Kouts / Conception & rédaction - Konstantin Thomopoulos / Photographies - Cédric Bosquet & Alain Smila - Bruno Houdayer


Bruno Houdayer: I am lucky to collaborate with this talented photographer for my tables and pictures. He knew exactly how to transcribe my universe and the artistic dimension of Glass And Art by F.

Raphaelle Abib who took the photos of the new material samples in close-up.

Verres et miroirs en Seine: I have the pleasure and the luck to work with this mirror-maker based in Boulogne-Billancourt. They are specialised in laminated glass and into insertion of materials between glass layers.

Egrise Millon: another mirror-maker with whom I regularly make glass creations. They made some of my tables last year.

Konstantin Thomopoulos : He has been in charge of creation and copywriting for my official content : text, videos, photos… he also makes my social media strategy and gives me advice towards brand image.

Ari Kouts: My webmaster

Laurent Bayot: he took care of Glass And Art by F visual identity