All colors vary according to light.
Each creation is unique.

Manufacturing Process

Each GlassAndArt by F creation is tailor-made. The compositions of mixed materials are inserted between two layers of laminated glass. Inside of it, there are two transparent EVA films that give the creation sustainability and water resistance. 

GlassAndArt by F offers a choice of twelve different colors that can be mixed together to create unexpectedly amazing results. 

These exceptional creations can be declined into various pieces of art or functional objects, such as, paintings, tables, boards, floor surfaces, stairs, credenzas… the only limit is imagination!

How to sublimate your interior in an amazing and unexpected way with GlassAndArt by F creations.

They have been manufactured with mixed materials inserted into laminated glass. Colors vary slightly according to the light of the room and its exposure to the art. 

GlassAndArt by F creations provide original possibilities in order to decorate your interiorFanny Desombiaux’s unique technique of mixing materials will enlighten your interior, and manufacture a piece of art specially for your needs.