Fanny Desombiaux


Fanny works with glass, materials and colors to give life to them. Putting them together in a harmonious composition gives a meaning to her life.

The artist loves to share her ideal of beauty: her decorative creations are exceptional artwork that can evolve according to light, inviting you to travel with it. Her gesture is precise: sprinkle, scrub, stretch, place, throw… it is by alternating between her sense of precision and letting go that she can manipulate her material. She lets her unlimited imagination flow and remains aware of the slightest vibration that she feels, so she can reproduce it through her work. Put together or individually taken, her glass creations become decorative objects that find a place in her customer’s hearts, may it be a table, a desk, a board or a console…

Transparency combined with carefully selected colors trigger diffuse emotions. Each tailor made piece of furniture is made with a particular care to reach visual, esthetic and emotional balance. Texture is at the very heart of the craft: Fanny wants to give life and soul to it, enlightening the glass and the material composition inside of it. The ensemble is an inviting to travel and dream, to one’s imaginary inner place made of stardust, harmonious vibrations, warmth and joy. Every Glassandart by F creation recalls the joy of living into the Universe, to which we are all connected.


The hand-crafted objects become unique and generous pieces of art, made to decorate, to shine, and to diffuse energy around them, for the greatest happiness of our eyes… and hearts!