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Private individuals


Our journey starts with a meeting.
In this meeting, I soak up your universe, your colors.

My workshop in Chatou (78) is open to you whenever you wish.

You want to stage and enhance the personality of a place with exceptional works?

I conceive and realize for you original works to dress, decorate, illuminate, your interiors, giving them an energy and a unique imprint.

In each place, you are looking for light, colors, energy to illuminate the space.

Enlighten your living room
with a moon table.

Sublimate a wall with a decorative laminated glass panel or painting tinted with blue and fibers that change color depending on the angle you look at it

Working with materials

I superimpose materials, combine colors to bring movement, brightness and joy to your home. Like my work, I am always on the move to bring innovation in my approach or in the choice of materials I use.

A meeting of the being and the work

Creation is an emotional meeting. In people as in my creations, I look for depth, relief and colour.

To provoke this meeting, I am inspired by you, your world, your colours, your emotions.

In each of my creations, I invite you to dream, to magic, to well-being and to an inner journey.

Art craftsmen, glassmakers, ironworkers, I carefully select partners recognized for their know-how. They share with me the same requirement: respect and integrity in the choice of materials and in the quality of the realization. In an eco-responsible approach, and for the follow-up of your project, all my partners are located in the Paris region.

With you and for you

As soon as your project is conceived, I provide you with my advice to guide you in your choices.

Share your universe with me, entrust me with your colors.

I submit you personalized proposals taking into account your stakes and your constraints to create a work with your image. I come to your home, bring you samples, a piece I made in order to let you experience my creations in your interior space..

Unique and tailor-made

I put my creativity at the service of your desires to realize unique works that find their right place in your interior.

living  works that can evolve over time..
Each glass is reversible, removable and replaceable. You want to change a panel, to impulse new colors in your daily life?

You have a beautiful dining room or living room table with a transparent top that has become damaged over time? The opportunity to revisit and brighten up your table with a unique decorative laminated glass top, to have a new, original and colorful creation?

Je vous conçois sur mesure votre plateau qui viendra sublimer, et personnaliser votre intérieur.

In less than 3 weeks I will create the tabletop of your dreams!

Heat resistant and made of tempered glass, you will be able to put dishes, even hot ones, in complete safety without fearing scratches.